Startup Solutions

Prepaid Calling Cards Startup Package

Over the past 30 years PEC has helped over 10,000 customers all over the world to setup a Calling Card business using our software solutions. CardSaver allows both startup and experienced prepaid companies to offer Prepaid Calling Card services to their customers. With its user-friendly, yet powerful functionality, CardSaver is the industry-preferred billing software for Prepaid Calling services. Design your own brand of prepaid calling cards to sell in the market or on your website so your customers can call anywhere in the world from their cell or landline phone with low VoIP rates. to sell in the market or on your website so your customers can call anywhere in the world from their cell or landline phone with low VoIP rates.

Solution: PEC's Calling Card Platform

Offer PIN less Startup Package

PEC's CardSaver has been helping both startup and experienced prepaid companies to offer PINless services to their customers for almost 30 years. The PEC Cardsaver Platform is the most solid and feature rich VoIP Platforms on the market. Utilizing VoIP's SIP functionality, you can take advantage of the flexibility this brings.

You can have your own brand of PIN-less calling service that allows your customers to simply dial a local or toll-free access phone number and then enter the destination they would like to call. When utilizing the PIN-less based calling feature you can offer access to specified customers without the customer having the hassle of remembering numerous PIN numbers. Your customers can call anywhere in the world from their cell phone or landline phone and take advantage of low VoIP rates.

Solution: PEC's PIN less Dialing

Offer Call Forwarding Service

PEC's Call Forwarding Solution gives service providers the technology they need to offer their customers a local number that is automatically forwarded to another (local or international) phone number. This service is significant for international travelers, international business customers or businesses who want to show a large presence (nationally or internationally).

Solution: PEC's Call Forwarding Solution

Offer International Mobile Top Up Service

Offer International Top Up to customers as a prepaid airtime minute transfer service to the phones of their family and friends living internationally. People living in regions of North America, Europe & the Middle East can send airtime minutes to the phones of family and friends back home in countries in Africa, Latin America & Asia.

Top Up is not just restricted to international phones, but airtime minute transfers can be made within the US as well. Relatives and friends can gift minutes to any mobile number within the United States of America.

Mobile Top Up adds a vital new functionality to PEC Telecom's existing CardSaver which already includes Calling card, PINless, Call Back and Call Forwarding features.

Solution: PEC's Mobile Top Up Solution

Offer Call Back in Middle East, Africa or South America

PEC's Call Back solution has been especially designed for use in regions where there is limited infrastructure or where VoIP is regulated. With the help of PEC, Service Providers have successfully implemented Call Back and generated huge profits. Many countries in South America, Africa and Asia are prime examples of countries in which call back systems are extremely profitable. Service Providers who need to provide inexpensive calling with reduced rates to their customer base without having to invest in expensive hardware and phone lines can take advantage of PEC's Call Back Solution.

Since VoIP, calling cards, and calling services are regulated in many countries throughout the world, Call Back allows the system Admin to place the equipment in a legal country and make the call from there. The idea is to do all of the outgoing calling from a legal country where lines are more obtainable and international calling rates are cheaper. Service providers and calling card operators based in the US or Europe can package Callback services with their existing products to increase revenues and explore new markets.

Solution: PEC's Call Back Solution

Manage Call Shop or Internet Cafés

Customers around the world use PEC's Call Shop solution to manage their call shops or internet cafés sized from 2 to 24 stations. In addition, several customers use a single installation of PEC's solution to control up to 75 call shops and over 500 simultaneous calls.

PEC's Call Shop solution allows you to control multiple call shops from a centrally located network. This means that you can resell your services to call shops, internet cafes and carriers around the world by allowing them to use your central network and long distance termination. This further allows the call shops to focus on bringing in the customers.

Solution: PEC's Call Shop Solution