PIN-less Dialing

Over the past 30 years PEC has helped over 10,000 customers all over the world to setup a Calling Card / PINless business using our software solutions. CardSaver allows both startup and experienced prepaid companies to offer Prepaid Calling Card and PINless services to their customers.

When utilizing the PIN-less based calling feature you can offer access to specified customers without the customer having the hassle of remembering numerous PIN numbers. When the call is made from a phone number that is registered within the "trusted numbers" of your CardSaver system, CardSaver uses the Caller ID's matched account number to automatically authenticate the caller.

The PEC Cardsaver Platform is the most solid and feature rich VoIP Platforms on the market. Utilizing VoIP's SIP functionality, you can take advantage of the flexibility this brings.


  • Customized Features - PEC's Calling Card Platform is abundant with advanced features and innovative solutions that are specifically designed for customers to be profitable and allow for growth. Developed in house, PEC's Calling Card Platform takes advantage of DID technology thus allowing you to provide services to customers all over the world.
  • CISCO sound quality - While other leading Calling Card providers use soft switches where sound quality degrades as calls increase, we at PEC cut no corners where quality is concerned. Utilizing Cisco Hardware, PEC solutions provide the very best in sound quality.
  • Support - PEC prides itself in providing the highest quality of services and technical support to its customers. Our engineers are constantly performing and executing R&D in implementing our products exceptionally superior in the entire industry. We have had multiple customers fed up and switching over to us from other carriers, for the reason that we simple stand out as a better product.
  • Scalable - As and when our customers businesses grow, they can increase ports without sacrificing quality. The Cardsaver designs allow for growth to handle 1000's of calls at the same time.
  • Decrease Operational Expenses - PEC's Calling Card Platform provides the convenience of viewing balances and statements online. Avoid distribution fees by allowing customers to recharge online. No card printing charge as system automatically emails PINs. Utilizing VoIP technology, you no longer require expensive phone lines and equipment lowering your investment and monthly costs.
  • Reduce Set Up Time - Setup is quick. You can be in business within days instead of weeks or months.
  • Global Presence - PEC's Calling Card Platform makes it easy to market internationally by taking advantage of one platform which works DID technology. Using PEC, you can provide pinless, calling card, and callback services worldwide. Utilizing VoIP Technology, you can have your equipment in one location yet have customers and resellers anywhere in the world.