What's New at PEC : 2009

  • We are proud to announce that EHOW.com has recommended our CardSaver program for those who want to start a Prepaid Calling Card Business. Click on the link below to view details: How to Start a Prepaid International Calling Card Business
  • Parwan Electronics Corporation celebrates 25 years in business !! We, at PEC would like to thank all our customers for their support and look forward to doing more business in the future. Please call us at 732-290-1900 for all your telecom needs.
  • PEC now offers toll free services to customers - As an extension to the Local Inbound Service offered by our DIDLIVE.com PEC is now offering VoIP Based Toll Free Inbound Services to it's customers. Pricing is per minute, but is provided at wholesale pricing allowing customers to be competitive in the market.
  • Dialblaster - Dialblaster is a multi-line power dialing service that allows users to instantly send hundreds or thousands of interactive phone calls with ease. Dialblaster will politely deliver your script exactly as desired with each call; independent of any coaching, breaks, absenteeism, tardiness or management.
    In mere minutes you can register and be sending calls to people around the world. Dialblaster is often used for alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, product updates, get out the vote messages, and interactive polls or surveys. When Dialblaster makes a call, it can either leave an answering machine message or interact with a live caller. The system will automatically retry all busy and unanswered numbers without you having to do a thing.
    Dialblaster offers schedule customization, Telemarket and notify potential customers all over the world. While your sleeping, dialblaster is out-bound dialing contacting potential revenue.
  • PEC's Cardsaver product is widely becoming one of the Pinless/Calling Card industries best solution of choice. Recently the product has been enhanced with provide Auto Recharge capability.
  • Cardsaver now also supports Direct Dial functionality where customers can set specific Access numbers to be directed automatically to their desired number. Callers can easily program a local access number in their cell phones/home phones which will automatically redirect their call to any international destination they choose. Cardsaver still bills on a prepaid basis and logs every call. Call 732-290-1900 for details !