Mobile Top Up

1. International Top Up

International Top Up is a prepaid airtime minute transfer service to the phones of family and friends living internationally. People living in regions of North America, Europe & the Middle East can send airtime minutes to the phones of family and friends back home in countries in Africa, Latin America & Asia.

2. Top Up of Prepaid Airtime within the US

Top Up is not just restricted to international phones, but airtime minute transfers can be made within the US as well. Relatives and friends can gift minutes to any mobile number within the United States of America.

Mobile Top Up adds a vital new functionality to PEC Telecom's existing CardSaver which already includes Calling card, PINless, Call Back and Call Forwarding features.

To schedule a demo or if there are any questions that you have, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1-732-290-1900.


Benefits of Mobile Top Up

1. Inexpensive Immediate Assistance

In regions like Central America, Asia, Latin America & Africa, where US prepaid cards can be expensive and often cumbersome, it's logical to send immediate assistance in the form of prepaid mobile minutes that everyone essentially utilizes. This service can be widely used to top up existing or prepaid telephony cards while you as agents benefitting from the high commissions.

2. Invaluable Gift

Our innovative services are especially valuable to immigrants who financially support their loved ones back home, allowing them to refill the airtime of their friends' and family's prepaid phones. Immigrants in many countries choose to use this service to gift minutes to their loved ones back home!!

3. Instant Transfers

Transfers are made, instantaneously in local equivalent currency values to relatives in the form of airtime minutes based on the existing exchange rate.

4. Cost Effective

International Top Up is the most cost-effective, instant and secure method to refill talk time on phones of family and friends overseas.

5. International Connectivity

PEC Telecom helps to offer a service that provides a vital avenue to international connectivity through which expatriates can support their loved ones and colleagues internationally, instantaneously by replenishing their mobile airtime minutes from a nearby registered PEC Telecom retailer.