Direct Dialing

PEC's Direct Dialing Solution allows PIN-less customers to setup a specific access number to automatically ring through to a given destination. Each customer can have unlimited Direct Dial Numbers setup for their account. This makes an already easy PIN-less account even easier to use.

With this technology, individuals can connect frequently to their family members and loved ones by simply dialing a local number assigned to every specific person. Service providers, call centers and corporations around the world can also benefit from this solution. This provides the convenience of not having to dial long international numbers everytime they wish to call overseas.

The calls are placed using a landline or cell phone eliminating the need for an IP phone or internet access. With PEC's Direct Dial Solution, international calls are remarkably cheaper since the calls are sent through the IP infrastructure.

PEC's Direct Dialing Solution allows customers to register their phone numbers with their account. When they call in using that phone number, the system will automatically recognize their phone number connect their calls. This makes it easy since customers don't have to remember any PIN numbers and will continue to reuse their account repeatedly. Next the customer will link an access number to the number they wish to reach overseas. So when this customer dials the access number, the system will automatically dial the overseas number and bill the customer's account for the call. Customers can still use the solution to place calls to other destinations/numbers that are not as common using the PIN-less functionality of the solutions. For more information please see the PIN-less Solution.