Call Shop

Customers around the world use PEC's solutions to manage their call shops sized from 2 to 24 stations. In addition, several customers use a single installation of PEC's solution to control up to 75 call shops and over 500 simultaneous calls. Here's how the process works:

  1. A customer walks into a call shop and requests to make some calls.
  2. The cashier asks if he wants prepaid or postpaid and then activates the station for use.
  3. The customer sits down and makes his calls.
  4. When the customer is done, he walks back up to the cashier.
  5. If postpaid - the cashier will take the money from the customer.
  6. If prepaid - the cashier will give any change necessary.
  7. The cashier then resets the station for the next customer.

Technically, there are two solutions that PEC offers its customers.

  • The first solution requires the use of a Quintum VoIP Gateway in each call shop.
  • The second solution requires the use of SIP Phones in each call shop.

Each of these two solutions allows you to control multiple call shops from a centrally located network. This means that you can resell your services to call shops, internet cafes and carriers around the world by allowing them to use your central network and long distance termination. This further allows the call shops to focus on bringing in the customers.